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Welcome to The Innovative Financier Loyalty Platform

After months of hard work, we are proud to launch a pilot version of our very first TIF Loyalty Point Platform powered by Blockchain!

You can now be rewarded with, and accumulate digital TIF points (or tokens) for performing actions that support our community.

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Ways to Earn Points

Here’s how you can earn points every day.

Ways to Earn Points

Here’s how you can earn points every day.

Register for TIF Loyalty Points Platform

This simple 2 minute action shows us that you are a true Fintech innovator, supporting our events, activities and mission!

Attend our events

We believe that more than just signing up, showing up for an event should be rewarded. Receive TIF Points for honoring your commitment!

Volunteer for TIF

Take your involvement in the community to the next level. Help us on an ad hoc basis or join the team behind TIF. We appreciate your efforts either way and will reward you for that.

Host an event by TIF

We are always looking for great venues to host our discussions and networking events. Be rewarded for that too!

Redeem TIF Loyalty Points

It is easy to redeem your hard earned TIF points and you can exchange them for the following options:

Attending events and workshops for free

Exclusive discount codes to partner events

To obtain services or products for free or at a discounted rate

Gift a friend with TIF Points

Register for TIF Points
Currently, TIF Loyalty Points Platform only works on desktops and laptops. Switch to the appropriate device if necessary.
Next, ensure that you are using a Google Chrome browser. The pilot version of TIF Loyalty Points Platform only works with Chrome.
If not yet done, add the Metamask extension to your chrome browser to create a secure and private wallet.
Start earning TIF Loyalty Points by registering HERE!


Please see below the most common questions answered below

Can I redeem TIF points for cash or trade them on a crypto exchange?

No, sorry. TIF Loyalty Points Platform and TIF Points are only meant to be used within our community network and for our activities.

I did everything you asked but I am having trouble accessing the Loyalty Platform

We apologize for the inconvenience. To get help, please send us an email at: with the subject line “Trouble accessing TIF Loyalty Points Platform.

Who built TIF Loyalty Points Platform?

TIF Loyalty Points Platform was built by our partner InnovFin Consulting Inc.

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